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Be hyper, smarter, awesomer in what you share to the world. Made for marketing experts as hyper revenue drivers. This domain name hypes market influencers and connects marketers to old and new clients. Niche agencies get their higher stage in the SEO world. Influencer tools to hype sales and social reach. Get this perfect basis for subdomains: Just add phrases, brand and user names before and after this name. Followers, users and consumers will love your straight forwardness and get stronger connected to you.

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Use Cases

Showcase your products and services the way people think, talk and type.
Target groups : Singles, families, travelers, experts, marketers,
Brand positioning: Your brand name in the perfect context makes people respond more intuitively and therefore faster.
Geo relevance : Put the name of your location, city and region before and after: NYC, London, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Moscow, Singapore, Monaco, ...
Social relevance : Address customers, members and users by their names for getting super close: Real names, avatar, nick and user names, even numbers are okay.
Meeting needs : Boost markets via influencers and brands that hypes marketing.

Talking names
Unlimited clickable/tappable phrases out of one domain name, free for booking at

We create context

Root Keywords   #markets #news #marketing #sale
Affects   #families #singles #children #babies #fans #followers #experts #agents #gamers #seniors #men #students #travelers #influencers #shoppers
Hashtags   #advertisement #pr #consulting #promo #bargains #coupons #deals #discount

Marketing boosting in news & media

Markitors : Ending the War Between Sales and Marketing
NoA Connect : Getting started with Marketing Automation
BizReport : How AI is changing the customer experience
Avaans : 4 Reasons Why PR hypes Marketing Results
Google Play Store : Get marketing apps
Apple App Store : Hyper marketing
Twitter : Newsstream for marketers
Pinterest : Pick some hype ideas
Instagram : Hyper marketing
Google : News on hyping your presence
Youtube : Broadcasting marketing hypes

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